My name is Branimir and was born in Zagreb 29 January 1956.
I have been a member of the Radio Club "ZAGREB" 9A1ADE since 1971 till today.
When I was16 years old, I got my Radio Operator License (April 1972).
I live in Zagreb, which is the capital city of Croatia.
Most of the time, my activity and interest has been on 144 MHz working with different kind of propagations as
tropo, E-sporadic, satellites, meteorscatter and EME.
From time to time I have also been active on the 432 MHz and shortwave bands;
on shortwave bands, especially working RTTY and SSTV.
In my country, I am especially known for my
packet-radio contact with Space Shuttle - Discovery (the only one from Croatia; 1994)
and for being the first participant from independent Croatia (with new prefix 9A) in a couple of
WorldWide EME Contests during 1993 (9A2MK my ex callsign).
Today my main interest is EME CW on 144 MHz. For more details please visit my EME Page.

WW-Locator: JN75XU

You are welcome to send me a message!
Mail to 9A9B
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