Croatian Telegraphy Club is International Radio Amateur’s Association with free membership for telegraphy lovers across the world.


Croatian Telegraphy Club invites you to become a member (at the same time member of the European CW Association - EUCWA), welcomes your membership application (no application form – only name, callsign and wish to become) and if submitted by E-mail membership is free because it is Club’s principle of supporting CW  which is far more important than any financial consideration. In case your application is by post please include 8 USD or 5 euro cash in envelope which is a contribution towards postal charges including the package of Club’s Certificate of membership .


CTC frequencies:  3.530 — 7.015 — 14.030 — 21.030 — 28.030 MHz .

Every second Friday in December from 00:00 UT to 24:00 UT we can get together on these frequencies because this is CTC's Birthday.

If you are existing member and wish to obtain CTC Certificate of Membership please send us by post 8 USD or 5 euro cash in envelope which will cover postal expenses .



                                                       CW  For  Ever



Croatian Telegraphy Club

Franjevacka 5

42220 Novi Marof                            Chairman  Den – 9A3FO

Croatia, Europe                               Secretary  Vlado – 9A3CY