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This is an International Award Project (an International ecologo-educational and nature conservation action on supporting of protected areas), organized to attract attention of the world community to the problems of protected areas, to provide them with feasible practical support, to waken a feeling of pride in the minds of the Earth’s inhabitants for natural and cultural heritage, for visiting National Parks and Nature Reserves and making QSO contacts with them.
"...Svatko je pozvan da zauzme svoje mjesto u toj mironosnoj borbi, da je vodi miroljubivim sredstvima kako bi se postigao razvoj u miru te spasila sama priroda i svijet koji nas okružuje..."
"...Every individual is called upon to play his or her part in this peaceful campaign, a campaign to be conducted by peaceful means, in order to secure development in peace, in order to safeguard nature itself and the world about us..."
"...Unusquisque ad suum tenendum locum vocatur in hac pacifica contentione, pacificis armis facienda, ut progressio in pace obtineatur, ut ipsa natura et mundus circumiacens in tuto collocentur..."
"...Chacun de nous est appelé a prendre sa part dans cette campagne pacifique, a mener avec des moyens pacifiques, pour conquérir le développement dans la paix, pour sauvegarder la nature elle-meme et le monde qui nous entoure..."
"...Ciascuno e chiamato a occupare il proprio posto in questa campagna pacifica, da condurre con mezzi pacifici, per conseguire lo sviluppo nella pace, per salvaguardare la stessa natura e il mondo che ci circonda..."
John Paul II (Ioannes Paulus PP. II), December 30, 1987; Encyclic Sollicitudo rei socialis,., for the 20th anniversary of the encyclical Populorum Progressio of Pope Paul VI
Ivan Pavao II, 30. prosinca 1987.; Enciklika Sollicitudo rei socialis, povodom 20. obljetnice enciklike Populorum progressio, Pape Pavla VI
The Croatian National Parks Award
(after January 1st, 2015)
Blessed by its unique geography situation, Republic of Croatia is among the richest in biodiversity of all Europe. The country is on the crossing paths of several biological and geographical regions with characteristic ecology, climatology and geomorphology conditions. Such a rich diversity in terrestrial and marine (above and under the surface) habitat resulted in numerous species and subspecies, with lots of endemic ones. So far, we have approx. 38.000 discovered and cataloged species in Croatia, however, scientist assume that those undiscovered are significantly larger in numbers - some estimate between 50.000 to more than 100.000 species. This is an extremely large number of species for such a small country, with relatively modest area. There is a number of elsewhere endangered species in Croatia, unlike the rest of Europe. These species are linked to large protected reserves, in their natural habitat. Despite proclaimed high value of nature in Croatia, many of its components are highly endangered.

Joining the efforts of many Croatia's institutions in protection and promotion of protected nature and its values, Croatian hams, members of Amateur Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna, have initiated amateur radio Croatia Flora Fauna Program (9AFF Program), with clear intention to promote wildlife and unspoiled nature through a number of ham activities. By visiting, activating and operating from these reserves and natural habitats, 9AFF members encourage worldwide ham community to participate and join efforts in raising awareness on value of nature, the need to protect and care for natural habitats and its values, and protection and care of endangered species in particular.

In order to promote 9AFF activities in this regard, 9AFF founders established a special diploma "Croatian Flora Fauna Award" for participants in 9AFF Program. This in particular applies to those promoting and spreading worldwide awareness of Croatia's natural reserves and habitats, in the end helping to preserve the nature.

During numerous ham radio activities from Croatian Flora Fauna Program, participants are required to strictly uphold and follow the rules established in Natural protection law (article 127), as well as other regulations lined up by specific institutions in charge of natural reserves and habitats. All ham radio activities by Amateur Radio Club "Croatian Flora Fauna" are planned and effected with consent and approval of State bureau for natural protection (its department for protected areas), within Ministry of culture (2010) (Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, 2012) and/or other public institutions in charge of specific issues and areas.


Thanks for the understanding and support from:
- Department for Protected Areas of the Directorate for Nature Protection at the Croatian Ministry of Culture (Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection)
- Croatian Association of Technological Culture (CROTEC)
- Zagreb's City Office for Education, Culture and Sports
- Croatian Water Authorithy HRVATSKE VODE


Founders of Croatian Flora Fauna Programa: Daki, 9A2WJ (SK), Franjo, 9A2MF i Emir, 9A6AA

9AFF Program Management:

Anica Matičić, 9A7SSY
Radovan Mrše, 9A2SC
Emir Mahmutović, 9A6AA
Krešimir Viduka, 9A9K
Franjo Matičić, 9A2MF

9AFF Award Manager:
Franjo Matičić, 9A2MF

9AFF Program Manager:
Emir Mahmutović, 9A6AA

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