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Award Rule
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Croatian Flora Fauna Prigrams Awards
9AFF & 9AAO Awards

Cost of awards and plaques
( Summary)

9AFF & 9AAO Plaques and 9AFF Honour Roul
25 Euro
Note: 25 Euro = 35 USD = 18 IRC

Good to know:
We haven't obligation to pay for palques's shipping costs. If you like to get your Plaques by post (registered mail), cost of sending is (additional) 10.0 Euro (~7 IRCs). In case you did not send for postage, (ie, only 25 Euro for plaque), we'll find another way to send you a plaque ... But this takes time ...

For all payments (awards, plaque and shipping) you can send via our bank account:

RK "Hrvatska Flora Fauna"
Zagreb, Lastovska 14
Zagrebacka banka
IBAN HR8223600001102191367

but, why bother with payment through a bank?
We recommend you to use PayPal system via florafauna(at)

It's easy, secure and you can contribute with a major credit card.
And, you don't even have to have a PayPal account to do so! You can choose US$ or Euro.
Follow the directions, it's easy!

If you use PayPal service, check box for the transfer fee, please!

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