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Award Rule
Croatian Flora Fauna Award


By joining efforts from other Croatian institutions in protecting wildlife and natural reserves and habitats, members of Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna have initiated Croatian Flora Fauna Program, with clear intention to promote wildlife and unspoiled nature through a number of ham activities from such areas, promoting worldwide awareness of Croatia's natural reserves and habitats, in the end helping to preserve the nature, especially the endangered ones.

9AFF Program covers the entire scope of protected nature in Rep. of Croatia: Strict Reserves (majority); National Parks; Special Reserves; Nature Parks. A Reference List includes 103 protected areas (9AFF reference) in Rep. of Croatia. In order to promote ham radio activity, 9AFF Program founders issue a special diploma "Croatian Flora Fauna Award" for those who participate in the 9AFF Program. Establishing contacts with between 9AFF operations and the rest of the world, is letting the world know such protected and endangered natural habitats exist. In a symbolic way, a QSO with 9AFF is promotion of natural habitats and the message - the nature needs our care and protection.

Croatian Flora Fauna Award, rule

1. Ham radio CROATIAN FLORA & FAUNA AWARD is available to all licensed hams & SWLs, who achieve the following:
- establish QSO with various 9AFF regions (hunters), or
- activate 9AFF regions by transmitting from such regions (activators), listed in 9AFF program;

2. Validity: all contacts since 25 June, 1995 are valid.

3. No limits to frequency or mode of operation, however, all contacts must comply with amateur radio communication legal requirements. No repeater QSOs count.


4. Hunters are to make QSOs with activators operating from 9AFF protected regions. Proof of QSOs made, or 9AFF references collected, should be made available for certain diploma level(s) thru web application form.

4a. QSOs made are proven by photocopies of QSL cards in possession are allowed, too.


5. Activators are hams operating from 9AFF protected regions, or (in special cases) from their outer rims..

7. Activators wishing to participate in 9AFF Program, or its award program, should provide proof on their activity:
- proof of minimum 60 QSOs made from certain 9AFF region; such activity logs in ADIF format should be email to 9AFF Program Manager at email florafauna(at)
- proof of concrete activity from 9AFF Reference, that activity verification is applied for (undoubted photos, protected park entry tickets, a saved GPS-reading, etc.)
- after verification of submitted data, 9AFF Program manager shall notify 9AFF Award manager on concrete activation status, forwarding a received ADIF-activity log for submitting on 9AFF eLog.
- if activator, for any reason, dos not submit documentation on this activity, such activation will be recognized for hunters who made contacts, but such activator shall not be included into 9AFF diploma program.

10. If certain 9AFF reference region is activated by several activators using one single call sign, wishing to be recognized as single, individual activation, then such activators need to establish the following number of QSOs:

Number of activators
in the group
Minimmum of QSOs from each 9AFF references
Multi callsings
Single call sign/multi operators
1 callsign
60 QSO/callsign
2 operators
120 QSO
100 QSO/9AFF reference
(instead of 120 QSOs)
3 operators
180 QSO
140 QSOs
4 operators
240 QSO
180 QSOs
5 operators
300 QSO
220 QSOs
6 operators
360 QSO
260 QSOs

11. After completed activation from Article 10, other than proof from Article 9, 9AFF Program manager should receive a group photo of all operators wishing to be recognized as single, individual activators.

12. Activators of certain 9AFF reference, provided they comply with conditions set forth in Article 10, are also deemed to have qualified for category Chasers.

13. If during (the first) activation from certain 9AFF reference an activator does not accomplish a minimum 60 of QSOs, then such contacts are valid for hunters, and such failing activator can re-activate this particular 9AFF region to complete the missing numbers of contacts, to achieve the minimum required (60). Applying for recognition in such a case, an applicant should specify day(s) of previous activation from the same 9AFF reference. No limit in time span, or period of re-activation. Re-activation from already recognized activation reference, an activator does not have any QSO minimum to achieve in re-activation.


4. To win certain degrees or levels, applicants must provide the following:
(a, hunters) Made contacts with 9AFF protected regions from 9AFF list, (check your satus here, or send request), or,
(b, activators) Activate a certain number of reference regions (activators) (check and send request as activator)

5. 9AFF Program participants may apply for any of 9 degrees (levels) of Diploma, Plaques and Honour roll.
The electronic 9AFF awards, Plaque and Honour roll are free-of-charge sent as *.jpg attachments to applicant's email address.

Chasers + SWL
different 9AFF references
for awards
  Honour Roll
Honour Roll
9AFF plaque I
9AFF plaque II
9AFF plaque III
I class
II class
III class
IV class
V class

6. Applications for SWL are to be sent with his 9AFF reference list to 9AFF Award manager 9A2MF:
e-mail: franjo.maticic(at)
Franjo Matičić, Istarska 6 , HR-52474 BRTONIGLA, Croatia

Note: 9AFF Plaque and Honour Roll (on wooden base) for both chasers and activators are 25 EURO each.

Before any transaction, visit payment instruction


15. Recognition and dedication to 9AFF Program, as well as acceptance of 9AFF rules, all activators prove by printing or labeling their QSL cards with 9AFF reference numbers from the date of rules publication. All participants in 9AFF Program are expected to contribute to promotion of 9AFF program. Activities from protected regions should be in compliance with guidelines received from authorities in charge of protected regions.

16. 9AFF participation is on voluntary basis, and all participants should adhere to and comply with these Rules.

17. Non-compliance to 9AFF Rules is sanctioned by reprimand; after 3 reprimands received, a participant is excluded from 9AFF Program. More aggravating infringement of 9AFF basic rules, or its non-compliance, is sanctioned by permanent expulsion 9AFF Program.

18. Sanctions from Article 16 are voted in by majority of 9AFF staff vote.

Croatian Flora Fauna Management