basically about me


My wife Ljerka, my son Kresimir and me

The story begins in the town of Našice

         Ljerka came to Našice to visit her sister who introduced us to her. 1974 I moved to Osijek. I met Ljerka again and everything started going through. 1976 we went to Osijek and married.


          1979 son Krešimir was born to us. It went on like every other family. Work, education ... "Suddenly" the son of a chin became "big", he began to work ... became his own man.


           My wife and I retired. She deals with her hobby, goldsmiths, and I have to go on with radioamaterism.


            We have a cottage where we usually rest (we do not deal with agriculture or other similar jobs). We had a boat and we were often on Drava. Today we have slowed down a little.

             We could say we enjoy it.

   Pictures of my family..