I will show you (the praise) of the results of my radio amateur work so far. Here are the data for all my calling tags: YU2TN, 4N2TN, 9A282TN (all EX) and 9A2TN. Again, I can not show everything because of the limited space (not to be boring). Noting that I worked as a junior (especially in competitions).

I will start for me with the most important results on the DXCC list ARRL. You can see the current status and overview on special pages and only diplomas here.

On April  27. 2016  ARRL checked all my QSL cards and confirmed that I haveALL  tickets for all active radio countries according to the DXCC list and  thus I became a "proud owner of T I T L E    N U M B E R   1".

In this album, some of my diplomas were won only by telegraphy

Of course, there are many more diplomas won, but it would be hard to review everything.

In the next album, some of my diplomas have been won in all kinds of modes (MIX)

Believe it or not, I have nothing to brag about. As much as I worked in phone, so did my diploma.

In this album I put only a part of the diplomas won by digital types of work

Today, it is much easier to get free diplomas in digital form. I have a lot of them and for you the dream has randomly selected only a few.

Not to turn out to brag too much in the end just three more plaques and one recognition