My nick name is "Koki"

Let me tell you something about myself .

Why did I choose the Našica title picture? Somewhere at the time when a park picture was created in the center I grew up in Nasice. I returned to Nasice after almost 50 years.

I was born April 14, 1951

      I played the dust in Našice. We sneered down the street of V. Lisinsko where I lived, working like every other child. I attended elementary school and gymnasium in Našice. Then I enrolled in the Faculty of Economics in Osijek and completed the first degree. It was still after schooling, all about work.

        For work I moved to Osijek. I spent the entire working life in the police (in the "Secret Police", SOA today - the last one was an independent inspector). I retire in 1995.

     As a defender in the combat sector, I spent 1610 days in the police and I am proud of this.

 And today? Today I enjoy retirement. I have family, nice hobbies, friends ...

         I think I have everything I need, especially time (lifetime). With my family and friends, my hobby and cottage can tell how I enjoy it.

This should somehow look like today

Sports History like amateur

First i played handball ...

            At the time of my growing up, the choice of free activities was a bit smaller than today. There were football, handball, basketball, gymnastics, scouts, mountaineers, chess, folklore, brass music, radio amateur, philatelism .... it was mostly that. Looking for myself, I tried most, but I kept the longest in the handball club "Partizan" (now "NEXE") Našice. My handmade relationship started in elementary school and lasted until the first year of college. I drove fast enough to the first team. We were a good team, one of the best in our ranking. Of course, there were both ascents and occasional "shakes" (sometimes we were overtaken by Slatina with the famous brothers Lavrnić and others). Pavle Jurina, representative of the former Yugoslavia and the winner of the Olympic medals and medals from the world championships, was the best player I played.

             Here are some pictures (sorry for quality but there was such a time).

. then basketball


          As basketball became more and more popular, I liked it all the more. In the big park in Našice there was a basketball court (course earthen ground), athletic track, mini football, tennis court ... Every free time we were there. And so I went to basketball. Until the end of active play I was a member of KK Našice. With Denis Spac, I started the action of establishing a club so I considered one of its founders.


           But how did it begin? Spac and I have done more talks, joined us with other future players and then started. We went to Sofka at the time, agreed on the actions that followed ... So, with the establishment of the basketball club in Našice in 1973, I definitely switch to basketball water.


Here are some rare pictures (then there was a lot less opportunity to paint all the interesting things and events) from the beginning of my basketball career. For the "Believe it or not" section of my 183 cm I could "jump" the ball into the basket (but not too often).


          Here are some pictures (sorry for quality, but there was such a time).