Over time, I became more and more involved in the work of the Radio Club "Osijek". I was elected to the Executive Board of the club for several terms. I was the president of the club for three terms, and vice-president of the club several times. I was a member of the Executive Board of the Croatian Amateur Radio Association, as well as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Amateur Radio Association. I was also a member of the 9A1O competition teams at the club (especially CW work), and one year a member of the HRS HQ team. I worked with special call signs in the club 9A800OS, 9A2009OS or in HRS 9A98JP and as a guest operator in the teams of clubs from Našice 9A770N and Dalja 9A8D.

            In recent years, I got a little tired and "retired" in RK "Osijek", so other people took over the management of the club (some "trained" radio amateurs. Some experienced members left the club because of their earlier merits and work. After more than 30 years at the club and I felt that “it’s not that anymore” and I decided to change the environment.

Since 2018, I have been a member of  RK "Belišće" 9A1KDE / 9A3B and since 2021 and RK "Našice" 9A1DAB

By moving to Našice, I joined that club (9A1DAB)

While I was a member of RK "Osijek", I had individual and club successes in competitions (which can be seen on the page about diplomas). The best club result was second place in the world (CW contest) and first in Europe.

           Of the other activities, I would like to single out that I was a member of various bodies in the technical culture of  the city of Osijek.

           I have held several courses on my own or in collaboration with club colleagues. I was a member of numerous examination commissions, and even today I am authorized in front of HAKOM as a member of examination commissions for "A" class.

            In the last years of membership in RK Osijek "I was active in working with young people in schools, primarily in ARDF. My students are usually winners of county competitions, and one year Josipa Poč was the Croatian champion in school competitions. In several competitions." my kids "won first, second and third places, even at the national championship in Baranja. And now a few photos about my work ...

            After more than 30 years of amateur radio, it was only when I was choosing the pictures I wanted to show that I realized that I had worked a lot after all. The following are pictures without special themes and messages. If you are interested, take a look ...